The Shoulder Center

Dr. John Todd, The Shoulder Center – An Expert Approach to the Treatment of Shoulder Injuries


The Shoulder Center (TSC) at Baldwin Bone & Joint, P.C. is the latest specialty offered by the established orthopaedic practice led by fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons – providing exceptional care to patients of all ages since 1989.

Dr. John L. Todd, Medical Director of The Shoulder Center, will continue to focus on the complex issues of the body’s most mobile and problematic joints providing general orthopaedic and sports medicine care to his current patients. However, Dr. Todd’s primary specialty is a shoulder-focus practice – with specialized attention to clinical, surgical and educational efforts regarding the complex area of care and treatment of shoulder pathology.

The Shoulder Center offers specialized treatment for those patients with shoulder issues and is led by a fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. John Todd, who has provided exceptional orthopedic care to patients of all ages since 1995.

Dr. Todd’s practice focuses on the complex issues of the body’s most mobile and problematic joint. Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by athletic activities or a profession that involves excessive, repetitive overhead motion. The Shoulder Center’s treatment approach includes injury prevention, rehabilitation and in some cases, arthroscopic or shoulder reconstruction surgery to restore function of the joint. All with the common goal of putting each patient back into an active lifestyle.

Dr. Todd’s specialized training includes fellowship training in both Shoulder Reconstruction and Sports Medicine with the Hughston Clinic in Columbus, GA.  Since 1995, he has provided treatment for a variety of orthopaedic issues for patients of all ages. He is also one of the only physicians in the area to receive a Sports Medicine Subspecialty Certification. Dr. Todd now dedicates much of his clinical, surgical and educational efforts to the complex area of the care and treatment of shoulder pathology. The Shoulder Center’s clinic locations include: Daphne and Orange Beach, AL.

If you have shoulder issues that affect your mobility and quality of life, contact (251) 625-2663 and get back in the game. To learn more visit today.

Primary Conditions Treated by TSC:

Key Service Highlights include:

TSC Key Messages

  • Dr. John Todd – fellowship-trained, experienced, established expertise in the care and treatment of your shoulder problems
  • TSC allows Dr. John Todd to focus his skills and attention primarily on the care and treatment of problems of the shoulder.
  • TSC – The FIRST choice for the comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions leading to acute and chronic shoulder pain.
  • Comprehensive Approach to the Care of Conditions of the Shoulder
  • TSC: The answer to relief from shoulder pain and achieving improved mobility and quality of life
  • Shorter wait time for scheduling of new patient first visits for shoulder care
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